About Synchronization API

With help of the synchronization API it is possible to synchronize data asynchronously from Trade Compliance Management to a host system.

The synchronization API is a cross-product API and is available via REST or SOAP.

Basic concepts

In Trade Compliance Management. synchronization is available for the following business objects:

  • Export Controls check transactions (businessObjectType = “ECTransactionSync”)
  • Risk Assessment questionnaires (businessObjectType = “RAQUEST”)

To enable synchronization for one of the supported business objects, the host system should subscribe to synchronization events of the corresponding type. This can be done directly in the Trade Compliance Management web application (Office – Administration – Synchronization – Partner system subscriptions) or via the synchronization API.

In general, the synchronization process works as follows: If a host system subscribes to synchronization events of, e.g., questionnaires, all changes in questionnaires belonging to the subscribed host system will be tracked by synchronization framework. If a significant change has been made in a questionnaire, then a journal entry is created for this event. The journal entries for synchronization events are stored in Trade Compliance Management (Office – Synchronization – Journal entries). A host system can request the unprocessed synchronization events for specific business object types, analyze the returned information about the events, and take appropriate actions.


It is specific to the different business objects which changes trigger the creation of synchronization journal entries, and this is predefined by Trade Compliance Management.