Critical End-Uses

The following critical end-uses are currently known by the standard jurisdictions in Export Controls:

  • FINAL_USAGE_NONE : There is no special end-use.
  • FINAL_USAGE_ALL: All types of end-uses are possible.
  • DE-EU-ABC-Nuclear-Weapons: Indicates NBC weapons incl. missile technology as end-use.
  • DE-EU-Nuclearplants: Indicates nuclear plants as end-use.
  • DE-EU-Conventional-Weapons: Indicates a military end-use.
  • DE-EU-IllegalExportedWeapons: Indicates illegally exported munitions as end-use.
  • DE-EU-Military-Consignee: Indicates a military consignee as end-user.
  • DE-EU-Free-Trade-Zone: Indicates that the consignee or end-user is located in a free trade zone or bonded warehouse.

Other special end-uses depend on the jurisdictions or can be configured in master data in the Export Controls and may be separated by ';' (semicolon) if more than one applies to an item.


No end-use set

If no end-use is set, FINAL_USAGE_NONE is automatically assumed.