Transactions and Items

In Export Controls, a transaction describes the export you want to check, such as a sales order or delivery. The parts of a transaction are commonly referred to as (order) items. For best results, transaction and item information should include as much relevant information as available. I.e., all export control numbers (classifications) for the goods of each item, as well as the business partners involved.

A transaction is uniquely identified by a client identification code (API: clientIdentCode) , host system ID (API: clientSystemId) and transaction ID (API: transactionIdHost) , which has to be provided by the host system.

Transaction types (API: transactionType) are particularly important if you run checks for the US ITAR jurisdiction . You can distinguish the type of movement (company > customer, etc.) and whether identities of the goods should be created and checked.


US ITAR jurisdiction might not be configured/licensed for your client.