Different classification types can be used to classify a good. Depending on the jurisdiction, certain attributes are required for an export control check.

Some of the predefined classifications are:

  • ClassificationSelfDefined: For self-defnied classifications.
  • ClassificationMaterialNumbers: For material numbers.
  • ClassificationStatisticalNumbers: For statistical good numbers/customs commoditiy code.
  • ClassificationAusfuhrliste: For EU export control numbers.
  • CLASSIFICATION_US_EAR_CCL: For US EAR export control numbers (ECCN) (from the Commerce Control List).
  • CLASSIFICATION_US_EAR_ACTRELEVANT: For US EAR, to signal that the item is classified as "EAR99" (meaning it has no ECCN, but is still subject to the EAR).


Adding and editing of classifications can only be done in the Export Controls web application.